CEQ California Adjuster Earthquake Course

#300 - CEQ California Adjuster Earthquake Course - $79

California DOI Approval #272548 – 12 CE Credits (CA only)

Satisfies Earthquake Training Requirement

Satisfies Fair Claims Certification

131 Pages

Open Book Exam (40 Questions)

Certificate issues immediately on passing

About this Course

California earthquake coverage and claims changed radically after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake. Mega losses by insurers spawned the creation of the California Earthquake Authority (CEA), a state-run earthquake insurance pool. Since the vast majority of policies in California are CEA member plans our CEQ course will teach you:

  • How the CEA program and it’s claim procedures work.
  • In depth features of the three major types of CEA policies (Homeowner, rent, common interest)
  • Loss estimation
  • “Gotta know” exclusions and sublimits
  • The critical role of companion policies
  • The hierarchy of CEA response system and how to communicate with the CEA
  • CEA policy and coverage interpretations
  • Crucial elements of the CEA claim file
  • Scoping the loss differences in earthquake claims
  • Special circumstances relating to interior and exterior spaces, walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, fireplaces, mechanical, electrical plumbing, concrete surfaces and foundations.
  • When to call an expert or engineer
  • Tools for settlement and mediation

Required Earthquake Training Included in our CEQ Courses

This course meets California Department of Insurance adopted regulations governing the training of insurance adjusters in evaluating damage caused by earthquakes. These regulations can be found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5.1 before you can handle earthquake claims in California you need to be Certified and meet other requirements as well. Required earthquake training included in our CEQ course includes.

  • Determination of Scope of Loss
  • Loss Estimation Techniques
  • Determination of Necessity for Engineer or Expert
  • California Department of Insurance Earthquake Mediation Program
  • Assessment of Damage to Concrete Surfaces and Foundations
  • Subsequently Discovered Earthquake Damage
  • Programs Designed to Assist Earthquake Victims

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