Why you Need to be California Earthquake Certified

Why you need to be California Earthquake Certified

Never bothered to get your earthquake certification because you think the state will still let you adjust anyway when the big one hits? Not likely.

The 2018 California fires caused the Governor to declare an emergency, authorizing adjusters not licensed in California to adjust claims. There’s just two caveats to working when disasters strike:

  • Non-licensed adjusters working here MUST comply with Section 14022.5 and register within the prescribed time frame.
  • Non-licensed adjusters MUST comply with all other insurance laws.

Here’s where the earthquake certification comes in:

  • Title 10, Chapter 5, Subchapter 7.5.1 requires ALL adjusters handling earthquake claims in California to be Earthquake Certified.

So while the door may be open to you in an earthquake emergency, it might be shut again if you haven’t complied with Title 10.

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